Auction House

The Auction House lets people bid for powerful and rare units that usually cost cash to buy. The units available in the Auction House have already upgraded stats and can range from small units to large units. The Auction House is constantly being updated to replace the units that have finished their bidding

Known Biddable Units in Auction HouseEdit

Tips Edit

  • The Auction is Kinda Broken due to Bidding (Mechs, Bots, Dragons) to the Highest Tier with 1-10 LEVEL STARS! How OP. is that!
  • You can wait for the time to go to 0:10-0:03 secs To Get The Mech/Bot/Drag. and Etc. YOU WANT! (So Broken)
  • Bidding and Mech/Bot/Drag. is Very CHEAP!! Just 2 Cash!
  • You can Get EASY *CASH* by doing Missions! You can do Missions that give you ALOT of EXP. and You will Level Up and Get Cash! You can do this ALOT of TIMES but Remember You Can LOSE a Unit if it Died on the Mission and Dont do a VERY HARD mission because You cant do the same mission again for 4 hours
  • Becareful of Bidding too early because People may Take the price by :Bidding it when the Bidding ends like 0:03 secs! SO BECAREFUL!
  • Bid Smartly by bidding for strong mechs with 3-10 Level Stars so the 2 Cash Spent is WORTH IT!
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