[[Avenger mech 123|250px]]
Health 3100
Attack 70
Speed 6
Attack Delay 35
Range 10
Population 4
Special Attacks
Special Attack 1 Ray Attack
Special Attack 2 Paralysis
Special Attack 3 Frontal Assault
Special Attack 4 Spawn Drone
Category Mech / Ground
Atom Fusion Combinations Takes 3 Days and 15 hours


A golden scorpion like chain along with chrome shining black wings, this Mech has a unique set of moves that will literally paralyze your enemies in fear.

Also have pinga

Attacks Edit

Ray Attack : Picks up the enemy with a sort of tractor beam then shoots it with a huge laser.

Paralysis: Shoots yellow lighting, making the enemies unable to move for a small period of time.

Frontal Assault : Jumps up and slashes its whip down, burning all nearby enemies

Spawn Drone: Spawns three (one at a time) Avenger Drones


  • It bears a strong resemblance to Epyon from 'Gundam Wing'
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