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Blue Steel Bahamut offer

"A dreadful Dragon from a distant galaxy has come to help you!!" - Offer Description

The Blue Steel Bahamut, sometimes referred as the Blue Steel Dragon on the internet, is a dragon mech unit that can be obtained by the Auction House, The Daily Limited Time Offer (shown right) and now can be also obtained from Atom Fusion by putting Red Mercury Dragon + Tank 5 or Samurai Bot + Celestial Megamech (both found by netherwarrior33) or war buggy + Hyper Blazer (found by lukey2012 ) or metal draggy + golden slayer ( sometimes ).


  • Division: bahamut
  • Attack: 102
  • Range: 20
  • Speed: 25
  • Delay: 5
  • Population: 3
  • Health: 2500

Special Powers[]

  • Call Draggy spawns 5-10 blue steal draggys each whith 40 damage and 300 health


  • It's based on the Bahamut Dragons in Social Empires.
  • Blue Steel Bahamut regular attack maybe based on Black Bahamut Dragon regular attack from Social Empires.
  • Like Bahamut draggies on Social empires, its draggy has an eyeball, unlike the dragon.
  • Its Bomb Rockets ability looks like Red Mercury Dragon's ability.
  • This mech has 2 abilities that based on Social Empires' Bahamut Dragon, Whirlwind and Steel Draggies.
  • This mech and its minion are not mech-like. They are like dragons covered by armor and weapons.
  • It can also be obtained by fusing a MegaBot and Supreme Bot.
  • It has the same attacks as Metal Dragon except that metal dragon shoots metal balls instead of plama balls and spawns metal draggies instead of blue steel draggies.


Attack: 27



Health: 450

It is an individual unit unless summoned by the Bahamut. It is a starter robot as well.