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Cd cyberinquisitor popup

Cyber-Inquisitor promotion

Fearsome, impertubable, unforgiving...

Cyber-Inquisitor will protect your city without moving!

Release on 12 October 2013. It was once available with purchase


  • Health: 9400
  • Attack:194


  • Health: 800
  • Attack:13
  • Attack delay: 30
  • Attack range: 11
  • Speed: 8


  • In order to get this you must have Godzilla Mech and Red Mercury Dragon (Um, it can't be fused)
  • Perhaps the strongest unit in Social Wars.
  • It is a mech said to be lost in time, and has return to the present to end it.

How to Obtain It?Edit

The only way to obtain it is buying it. Unfortunately, this Unit cannot be fused

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