With One of These Bad Boys you can Eliminate Orks, Vikings, Spiders, Aliens EASILY
Cyber Samurai

Cyber Samurai Mech


  • Attack:54
  • Walk Speed:6
  • Health:2200
  • Population:4
  • Delay:35


1.Scissors Attack

2.Shoot Missles from Chest Holes

3.Throw Blades Like a Boomerang (It goes back to the Mech)

4.Spawn a Drone

How to get it? Edit

Mech Warrior Spartan + Golem Mechanical = Cyber Samurai Mech

Great Shogun Mech + Winged Paladin = Cyber Samurai Mech

Red Mercury Dragon + Supreme Bot = Cyber Samurai Mech

Cyber Samurai

Cyber Samurai Mech

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