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An Pharaoh warrior Warrior under your comand....

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He's one of the many warrior mechs but he's also the 2nd Ancient-based mech. (In other words, he's based off of something from ancient times) He's a tall mech & has a big oval-shaped sheild in one hand & a golden-tipped spear in the other. He has the Wadjet (A.k.a cobra) on his head which symbolizes his relationship with Ancient Egypt.


Ariel Spears: Leaps into the air & shoots mutliple spears at enemies under him.

Sheild Charge: Places his sheild in front of him & rushes forwards knocking enemies back & dealing damage

Peirced Enemy: Stabs an enemy unit with his spear & tosses them away, this attack usually kills the enemy unit.

Drones: Spawns a Pharaoh Warrior Mech Drone to assist. 3 max.

Drone Stats/Description[]

Pharaoh Warrior Drone

Pharaoh Warrior Mech's Drones are also powerful aswell. They have a slight similarity to Spartan Warrior Mech's Drones except they're different colored & have a different theme. They have the Wadjet on the top & wings on the sides. They're about the same size as Spartan Warrior Mech's Drones.


LIFE: 450






  • Pharaoh Warrior Mech is Spartan Warrior Mech 's counterpart
  • He's based off of the Pharaohs of Egypt
  • He could be a Preatiorian Guard since back in ancient times rulers might have elite fighters to protect them.
  • This is the same as The Pharaoh Warrior Mech, only "Egyptian" Warrior Mech is another name.
  • You can fuse this mech with Siege Striker and Spider bot, NOT the Arachnid mech.
  • You can fuse this mech with Golden slayer and Great Shogun mech ( By Aldi Clalu Menantimu )
  • You can fuse this mech by Spartan Warrior Mech with Red Mercury Dragon