Desc: Just like its title, this mech will execute all those who stand in your way!

  • Health:3200                                                                      
Executioner Mech Wikia Picture

Executioner Mech Stats

  • Attack: 72
  • Range:10
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  • Speed:6
  • Delay:35
  • Population:6
  • Special Abilities
  • Mega Laser Shot:Shoots A Big Laser Beam At his Target Dealing About 200 Damage
  • Rotor Attack:Shoots small laser out of the turrets on his back that when they hit something they will start decreasing its Health Rapidly(very effective when attacking a single unit)
  • Energy Bubble: Jumps In the Air And shoots down a laser beam that explodes the ground thus creating a bubble that deals 100 damage to all nearby enemies and dealing continuous damage for a small amount of time. Also damages buildings.
  • Spawn Drone:Summons a Executioner Mech Drone

Drone StatsEdit

  • Health: 500
  • Name :executioner mech drone
  • Attack Range: 125
  • Speed:9
  • Attack Speed:39
  • attack:356
  • to create the drone in the atom fusion by combining red mercury dragon with mechanic.


It is a popular unit in Social Wars,originated from 'TRANSFORMER'----'IRON HIDE'.

You can get it by Red Mercury Dragon+Spartan Warrior mech 1 time sometimes few tries if you are Level 20. 

You can also obtain this unit by fusing Red Mercury Dragon with the Forge can also get it by adding gamera mech+clestial megamwch from got it on first try 


red and yellow robot with two cannons on shoulders hand attach cannons and a massive arm cannon



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