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Social Wars strongest unit Fire Gamera

Fire Gamera

Fire Gamera is only obtained by buying at least 10 dollars in cash when the offer is available It is currently one of the strongest ROBOTIC unit. The Kamikaze is NOT a robotic unit, so it does not count.


Attack: 170

Range: 10

Attack Delay: 35

Speed: 6

Health: 8200

Abilities Edit

Breath of fire: Spits out a fiery blast at enemy and does around 700 damage to one enemy but if more than one the less damage.

Flaming Thrusters: Emits Flames around its self with a huge circle radius causing around 700 damage to one enemy,remember the more enemies around his attack radius the less damage.

Fire Vomits: Breaths out a arc of fire causing about 200 damage in the direction its facing. The more the enemies the less damage.

Spawn Fire gamera drone: Has 38 damage,30 attack speed,8 speed,11 range, and 750 health.

I would recommend this unit because its devastating damage and great damage radius.

Drone StatsEdit

HP: 750 

Attack: 38

Range: 10

Speed: 8