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health 3800 for me its 6721 if it levels strong

attack 84

speed 6

range 10

delay 35

attacks Edit

1. flaming whirlwind the fire godzilla mech does a whirlwind with flames and also u can move it while its tornadoing just click that same spot and you have your self a tornado fire zilla

2. burning balls shots missiles from his chest

3. flaring rain fire godzilla mech shoots burning balls up in the air and they strike down at the enemy

4. fire godzilla mech drone spawns a drone

Fire godzila 111

Fire Godzilla offer

Fire Godzilla Mech

fire godzilla mech can be obtained from atom fusion and buying

drone stats Edit

health 550

attack 29

speed 8

range 11

delay 30

Other ways include merging a Godzilla Mech and a Gamera Mech or Red agon using the Atom Fusion, and this is the longest possible fusion in the game taking over 5 days. Another way is to fuse the Gamera Mech and the Spartan Warrior Mech. Another way is to fuse the Spartan Warrior Mech and the Red Mercury Dragon also the Exocutioner Mech and the a Arachnid Mech.

  • Spartan Warrior and Red Mercury. Also the Forge Dragon and 2 Headed Frostfire Dragon combinations is the regular Godzilla.
  • Can also be mixed with Shogun Mech and Spartan Warrior, and Massive Gunner + Red Mercury Dragon,and Massive Gunner + Big Razor Mech.
  • Massive gunner mech + z project mech
  • forge dragon+red mercury dragon

Trivia Edit

  • Se basa más probable es que fuera de Burning Godzilla, la versión más fuerte de Godzilla.
  • This unit is possibly based off of Burning Godzilla, a version of Godzilla seen in vs Destroyah
  • It's normal counterpart is the Godzilla Mech.
  • it's stronger than the regular godzilla mech
  • is the mech with more life get in atom fusion
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