• Division: dragon
  • Life: 2300
  • Attack: 56
  • Range: 12
  • Speed: 7
  • Delay: 35

Special Powers:

Fire rain: Shoots fire in the air & has it rain down on enemies. Best if used on a group.

Flamethrower: Shoots a stream of flames out its furnace-like chest

Summon Draggies: Spawns a draggy

Trivia Edit

  • This mech is Social Wars' version of the Forge Dragon in Social Empire.
  • It appears to be a half of the 2 headed frostfire dragon.
  • It can only spawn one draggy
  • This unit's attacks last so long you can use them right after another. Ex. Use whirlwind & by the time your ready to choose another attack the whirlwind is still active so you can keep dealing damage
  • when its 10 stars it will have your mama sucking my dick
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