This is how to win any Campaign fight. (I call missions/quests Campaign)

Mech = Machine bots, etc

What you will needEdit

Among various things, you will need:

A Atom Fusion Building, and how to use it.

At least three dragons, each must be able to call a draggy.

Any other unit like a Samuri Bot that can create minibots, etc. (optional but very useful, samurai can call 3 minis at one time)

A Atom Fusion Building is VERY useful once you know how to use it, and what to do. Basically, it takes 2 of your units that you choose, and fuse them to make a new unit. The main good thing about this is that it returns BOTH units you put in along with getting a new one. Only thing is that the better the unit, the longer it takes to make.

The dragons are for 'breeding', that is, creating NEW dragons. Basically, I throw in two of my dragons (I currently at page creation time have a collection of dragons, specifically 5 and getting a 6th, will name later), and fuse them to get a new one. You need 3 because 2 will be fusing to make new ones.

How to use the Atom Fusion Building: as said before, select 2 dragons and fuse. The key part is that when you select the 2 dragons, you must look at the shadow of the unit that will be created. If it looks like a dragon (has wings, etc.), go ahead and create, which as far as I know usally takes 2 days and 20 hours. if not a dragon, deselect the dragon and chose another one, or reselect the dragon again. There are many possibilities to a fusion, but if you persist you'll eventually get a dragon fusion. The fusion will take a long time, I know, but the wait is worth it.

How to use the stratagyEdit

The reason why I said use only units that can make mini units it that in general, these units can simply be remade after being destroyed. This effectively has no cost at your units, as none of your main meches are harmed at all in the process. In general, make the mini units and send them to fight the enemy. When the units are destroyed, simply make new ones. Now, you don't have to worry about losing important units.

The cons of this stratagy is mainly TIME. Samurai Bots produce several units quickly and efficciently at one time, whereas dragons take the same time to make only one. This is the reason for Atom Fusion; your army is growing slowly but steadly. There are other cons, such as a time based mission or in general a non destroy all enemies mission, where destroying all is not the idea. However, with creative thinking, anything is possible.

My Mech List (at the making of this page)Edit

Now for my list of meches at the time of creating this page:

11 Meches that are not Dragons

2 Draggys (both metal draggys)

5 Dragon meches (with a 6th in the making)

The 11 Meches are: 4 Megabots, 2 Celestial Megameches, 3 Supreme Bots and 2 Samurai Bots.

The 2 metal draggies

The Dragon Meches are: Red Mercury Dragon, Metal Dragon, A unknown dragon (currently fusing and forgot the name), 2 Forge dragons (one fusing) and the dragon in the making. That dragon resembles Thantos of Fire and Ice from the Castle Age Game as it looks like a 2 headed dragon with one side made of ice and the other resembling the Forge dragon as it has the head, body and wings of it.

Most of my non dragon meches come from the Robotic Center, thogh some come from completing Inventory Collections and getting them from the daily Targets. As for the 2 metal draggies, 1 came from the Robotic Center and the other came from a Collection. As for the Dragons: The Red Mercury Dragon you get from being level 10 (or 20?) in Dragon City, first dragon mech I ever got (shoutout to the Red Mecury Dragon!!! woot!), second was the Metal Dragon, came from the Robotic Center, shoutout for it too, third (or fourth) is the unknown dragon, created from 2nd (or 3rd, I don't know) Atom Fusion test, by fusing Red Mecury and the Metal dragons together. 4th (maybe 3rd) and 5th are Forge dragons created by fusing the Unknown dragon with either Red Mecury or Metal Dragons.

After looking at the Atom Fusion Page, and dropping my jaw on the floor after I descovered you can make a Red Mecury Dragon, I believe 'the dragon in the making' is a Frostfire Dragon. Also, this descovery has just inspired me to play Social Empires.