Missions World, also known as Quests World, provides a series of missions to the player. Most of the missions require the player to defeat the enemies while others require the player to achieve different goals.

Currently there are only 22 missions available. The last 2 missions are said to be "coming soon".

Each mission is shown to have 3 levels of difficulty, from 1 to 3 stars. However, at this point, only the difficulty of 1 star is available.

Mission StagesEdit

The missions are divided into 3 stages:

  • Small Harbour Missions (Mission 1 to 6) starts when the player reaches level 4. Click the Small Harbour on the east side of the central island for the missions.
  • Harbour Missions (Mission 7 to 12) starts at level 5. Repair the bridge to the southern island to reach the Harbour to acquire the missions.
  • Space Missions (Mission 13 to 24) starts at level 25. Repair the bridge to the northern island to reach the Space Station to acquire the missions.


Each time you solve a mission, you are rewarded with:

  • Gold for completing the mission
  • XP for completing the mission, not shown in the result message
  • Gold and XP from the enemies you killed and certain buildings you destroyed
  • Wood / Steel / Oil, one kind of them per mission only

Small Harbour Missions (1-6)Edit

Mission 1: Defeat the Enemy
Defeat the orc commander!

Mission 2: Airstrike!
Call air reinforcements and witness how the enemy camp is destroyed!

  • Goal: Kill the orcs guarding the Radio to call for air reinforcements which come and destroy the turrets. Then destroy the Orc Headquarters.
  • Enemies: Turrets, Ork Bear Knight x3, Axe Zoldier x2, Orc Zoldier x5
  • Rewards: 2,000+ gold, 600 wood, 500+ XP

Mission 3: Defend the Convoy
Defeat all enemies before they destroy the allied convoy! No flying units allowed on this quest!

  • Goal: Save the convoys(Trucks If any dies ur mission is failed)
  • Enemies: Many Cant Remember
  • Rewards: 2,500+ gold, 800 oil, 670+ XP

Mission 4: Stop the Big Weapon
Destroy the tank weapons and then the tank itself before they assemble it

  • Goal: Destroy the  Weapons then the tank
  • Enemies: Orc Worker,Orc Zoldier,Turrets and Red Tank
  • Dialogue Enemies: Orc Aircraft
  • Rewards: 3,000+ gold, 1,000 steel, 750+ XP

Mission 5: Destroy the Truck
Eliminate the truck before it leaves the zone!

  • Goal: Get The truck Within Secs
  • Hint: Pm me in fb say how to win destroy the truck
  • Enemies: Many Cant remember
  • Rewards: 3,500+ gold, 1,200 wood, 880+ XP

Mission 6: Blow the Power Plant
Blow up the nuclear plant and then the command center!

  • Goal: As shown in above
  • Hint:  Pm me In fb say how to win Blow the power plant
  • Rewards: 4,000+ gold, 1,400 oil, 1,000+ XP

Harbour Missions (7-12)Edit

Mission 7: V.I.P. Enemy
Steal the ship and attack the command center where enemy is hidden. (No aircraft allowed)

  • Rewards: 4,500+ gold, 1,600 steel, 1,125+ XP

Mission 8: Dangerous Rocket!
Don't let the enemy launch the rocket! No flying units allowed on this quest!

  • Rewards: 5,000+ gold, 1,800 oil, 1,250+ XP

Mission 9: Destroy All the Labs
Get the radio and call air reinforcements to destroy the labs. No flying units allowed on this quest!

  • Rewards: 5,500+ gold, 2,000 steel, 1,385+ XP

Mission 10: Steal the Laptop
Steal the laptop from the bunker. Kill everyone first!

  • Rewards: 6,000+ gold, 2,200 wood, 1,525+ XP

Mission 11: Rescue the Allies
Steal the cargo ships and rescue your allies before the airstrike!

  • Rewards: 6,500+ gold, 2,400 oil, 1,638+ XP

Mission 12: The Mechanical Menace
Something weird happened that destroyed the advanced guard post

  • Rewards: 7,000+ gold, 2,600 steel, 1,750+ XP

Space Missions (13-24)Edit

Mission 13: Defeat the Dinosaurs
Defeat some T-rexes!

  • Rewards: 7,500+ gold, 2,800 wood, 1,890+ XP

Mission 14: The River
This is a stealth mission. You must survive with only one spy!

  • Rewards: 8,000+ gold, 3,000 oil, 2,030+ XP

Mission 15: Vikings Beachhead
Outsider vikings base found, leave none of them alive!

  • Rewards: 10,000+ gold, 3,200 steel, 2,624+ XP

Mission 16: Kill the Aliens
Fight this threat from outer space!

  • Rewards: 12,000+ gold, 3,500 wood, 3,175+ XP

Mission 17: Arachnid Menace
The arachnids are spoiling our land!

  • Rewards:14,000+ gold, 3,500 oil, 3,655+ XP

Mission 18: Erradicate the Dragons
We've found a dragon nest, it needs to be cleansed!

  • Rewards: 16,000+ gold, 3,500 steel, 4,056+ XP

Mission 19: Dr. Shock's Mech Army
Defeat the wicked robots, leave none of them alive!

  • Rewards: 18,000+ gold, 3,800 wood, 4,605+ XP

Mission 20: Dr. Shock's Monsters
Defeat Doctor Shock and his army of monsters!

  • Rewards: 20,000+ gold, 4,000 oil, 5,185+ XP
  • Hint: Neutralize the Kamikazes with spawns

Mission 21: The Wicked Nebulars
The wicked Nebulars

  • Rewards: 22,000+ gold, 4,000 steel, 5,675+ XP

Mission 22: Dr. Shock Strikes Back
Dr. Shock strikes back

  • Rewards: 24,000+ gold, 4,200 wood, 6,078+ XP

Mission 23 (Coming Soon)

Mission 24 (Coming Soon)

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