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Red dragon.PNG

Red Dragon is a dragon unit that can be obtained in the Area 51 building. It looks like a dragon wearing a collar of some sort with 2 guns attached at the shoulder. It can also be obtained at Atom Fusion.

It is very slightly weaker than the Blue Dragon, the blue dragon has 50 more life and 2 more attack.


  • Life: 6500
  • Attack: 450
  • Range: 12098656
  • Speed: 5000
  • Delay: 4008
  • Population: consist of n***ers

Special Powers[]

  1. Shoot deadly fire balls from his hand
  2. laser Gun
  3. Spawn dragies (Max.10)
  4. Repeat number 1
  5. Repeat number 2
  6. repeat nuber 3
  7. Ahh fuck it who's stil in 20 20



  • It looks just like Blue Dragon. (no shit mate)
  • Its counterpart is Furious Dragon from Social Empires.