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Resources are essential to many aspects in Social Wars. You are required to spend them to construct buildings and train units.

The four common resources in the game are gold, wood, steel and oil. There is also the more valuable cash.

Getting Common Resources[]

There are many ways you can obtain the common resources, including:


The gold icon

Apart from the ways listed above in "Getting Common Resources", gold can also be obtained by:

  • Killing enemies.
  • Harvesting Corn Fields, Grape Fields and Cow Farms.

Gold is used for:


Wood is used for:

Steel on the island


Steel is used for:

  • Training units.
  • Building walls, silos and turrets.

Steel is one of the rewards for defeating the GolemBoss.

Known missions in Missions World which reward steel: 4, 7, 9, 12, 15.


Oil is used for:

  • Training units, such as jeeps, tanks, aircraft and helicopters.


1000uThe cash icon

Cash can be used for almost everything in the game. It can substitute for the common resources.

Ways to get cash:

  • Buying on mobile, bank or with FB credits.
  • Completing certain Goals.
  • You always get 1 cash for leveling up.
  • You can get cash on Monday Bonus and Sunday Weekly Missions.
  • You can get 1 cash from Cash Wonder every 24 hours.

Things that can ONLY be bought with cash:

  • Wonders.
  • Limited Edition buildings and decorations, including some academies which can train more special units.
  • Buying resources in the Build Menu, instead of trading limited quantities in the markets.

Things that can be completed INSTANTLY with cash:

About buying cash:

  • You get a special prize for always buying cash with $10 or more. The prize changes every 24 hours.