Monday Bonus

You can choice any mystery gift

There is few rewards in SW:

Monday BonusEdit

  • For monday bonus you can get mr.treat or 5 cash or 2,5k gold.

Weekly missionEdit

  • Weekly mission can only pass sunday.
  • It can do only 1 time
  • On weekly mission you have only two megabots and two dreaghnauts.
  • You have 1.30 minutes time to kill so many gunbots than possible.
  • Each killed gunbot gives you 1 more cash.

Ally giftsEdit

  • Your Social Wars friends can give you some gifts.

Daily BonusEdit

  • Each day you play you get new prizemmmmmmmm

Target shooting  - you can get 2 common units 2 uncommon units and 2 rare units if you get all you get a special mech just like spectre mech, slaughterer mech,hellfire mech or much more v.rare mechs  !!!!!!!!!!!!good Luck