The Roller Skater is a robotic unit that can only be obtained through either Daily Targets (where it is a rare unit) or by the Atom Fusion (Celestial Mech + Supreme Bot).


Roller Skater


HP: 1750

Attack: 45

Range: 8

Speed: 8

Delay: 35


Roller Skater8 Stats


  • Big Shot: Charges and then fires a laser beam at the target (Does about 100-150 damage)
  • Spinning Attack: Spins and hurls an enemy into the air (Not really the most accurate description. It basicly does a ton of frontflips and lands on the enemy, doing damage and sending it flying backward)
  • Circlular Shooting: Shoots in all directions at enemy units (And buildings, which most people find kind of annoying, but does the most damage overall. BTW, if hes next to one unit with no buildings around or anything, he will do about 150 damage 2 or 3 times)
  • Whirlwind: It spins and damages nearby enemy units (Seriously, this does almost no damage, and slow effect only lasts about 5 seconds. Pretty worthless, if you ask me,)


  • It has one of the highest movement speed of all the robotic units
  • Is just SLIGHTLY stronger than the Samurai Bot, which can be obtained from the Robotic Factory and Daily Shot as a rare, but the Samurai Bot's spinning saber will easily destroy this mech, and all other units around it.
  • Has a unique bullet design, its bigger than most bullets fired by units like a soldier 4 or a Celestial Megamech, but its slower, and fires it in bursts.
  • It is good for some backup if you're losing a lot of units on one front because it is so fast, but remember not to overestimate it, since its not excactly as fast as most planes like the Stealth Fighter or F-117, and does not really have the most firepower or health. (But definitely has more health and firepower than the planes)
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