Social wars Wiki

How To Play Social Wars[]

Social Wars on Facebook is very much like Social Empires but the game is just as good. Players start off in one small base and need to expand and grow their small empire. This game uses modern units such as riflemen and tanks while Social Empires used medieval units such as knights.

The game has several resources that the player needs to collect so they can build a number of structures in the game. Structures have various levels to them and as you advance in the game you can upgrade your structures. These upgraded structures provide better units or increase the output of game resources.

Social Wars also features quests and "chapters". During a chapter you'll fight against NPCs on your game map. Social Wars also features a number of game play options as well. You can enter the game world and fight other Facebook players or fight NPCs in a series of missions. There're also some challenging weekly missions as well.

In the future alliances will come to the game and give players even more replay value. Let's look at the resources you can collect in Social Wars to fuel your growing army.

Social Wars Guide: The Resources[]

In Social Wars you need to collect gold, wood, oil, and steel. On the game map there are several of these resources that you can collect using workers. You can build workers in the Command Center. The resources are quite limited on the game map but they do replenish over time.

To speed up resource collection you can build factories in your base. These structures use workers to extract the resources and over time you'll collect enough resources to build up your base. As you gain experience you can upgrade these resource factories to higher levels. If a level 1 factory is in your base you can upgrade it to level 2 for example or just buy a level 2 factory.

Other ways to gain resources are to attack enemy bases and take the resources away in those locations. You can gain extra gold and experience points this way as well.


The game features a whole host of different structures. Let's look at some of them and see what you can build:

  • Houses - Add extra population to your empire.
  • Factories - Provide wood, gold, steel and oil resources.
  • Fields & Farms - Provide gold.
  • Silos - Increase storage space for resources.
  • Allies Building - Recruits friends to get special units.
  • Allies Market - Builds firefighters to put out fires in your base.
  • Area 51 and Robotic Center - Research cutting edge technology to create deadly units.
  • Atom Fusion - Uses existing units to produce a new unit.
  • Auction House - Allows biddings for powerful units.
  • Hospital - Heal and retrieve lost units on the battlefield.
  • Markets - Allows buying and selling resources.
  • Recon center - Provides intelligence on neighboring enemies.
  • Recruitment Prize - Provides new units through recruiting new friends.
  • Research Lab - Researches deadly techs against enemies.

Combat Units[]

The game features a huge number of units you can train. Let's have a look at some of them and the structures you need to train them. These units all unlock at various levels so keep playing to get them all.


  • Academies I to V - Soldiers I to V
  • Bazooka Academies I to V - Bazookas I to V


  • Jeep Garages I to III - Machine Gun Jeeps I to III
  • Tank Academies I to V - Tanks I to V


  • Helicopter Hangars I to V - Helicopters I to V
  • Hangars I to III - Aircraft I to III




It features a number of collections that you can fulfill by picking up items on the game map. Here are the current collections in the game:

  • Draggy Collection - Metal Draggy
  • Transformer Collection - MegaBot
  • Plane Collection - F-117
  • Defense Collection - Laser Turret
  • Gun Collection - Erradicator
  • Tank Collection - APC
  • Launcher Collection - Dual-Rocket Turret
  • Soldier Awards Collection - General Sculpture
  • Relaxing Time Collection - Fountain
  • Animal Collection - Elephant rider

Social Wars: Great Facebook War Game[]

Social Wars is a great Facebook wargame. Be sure to build plenty of resources as you build up your base. Fight the NPCs on your game map to level up and then try your luck against the NPC missions and other game players. This Social Wars Game Guide will be updated as the game progresses. The game isn't too hard but there's a lot of content so just take it slowly as you play. Enjoy learning how to play Social Wars on Facebook. It's a fun game.