Stampede Mech Promotion

Stampede Mech is a Mech unit.

This mech is an UNFUSABLE (unobtainable/fused in atom fusion) but you can get it in the daily shot (if you complete the rows (rare to common) you will get it but is rare to get.


  1. Division: Mechs
  2. Life: 4000
  3. Attack: 88
  4. Range: 10
  5. Speed: 6
  6. Delay: 35
  7. Population: 4

Special PowersEdit

  1. Undercover Shooting (gatling rage)
  2. Super Charge (this is the most powerful ability for this mech, it makes it upgrade easily.)(Symmetric boomerangs)
  3. Shotgun
  4. Drone (can be spawned on missions that don't allow flying units)


  • Division:
  • Life: 550
  • Attack: 29
  • Range:
  • Speed:
  • Delay:
  • Population: 4


Stampede Mech

Stampede Mech

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