The Unit Collection includes various collections of military units. It rewards the player with 1 cash each time the player completes a collection. It has a total of 108 units in 24 collections.

The player can access the Unit Collection inside the Storage icon at the bottom right menu buttons.

While the majority of the Earth units can be trained at common military training buildings, the more special units must be obtained by other means, such as from Atom Fusion.

Collections and UnitsEdit

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Earth Soldiers Soldier Soldier II Soldier III Soldier IV Soldier V
Earth Bazookas I Bazooka Bazooka II Bazooka III Bazooka IV Bazooka V
Earth Special APC War Buggy Antiaircraft battery - -
Machine Gun Jeeps Machine Gun Jeep Machine Gun Jeep II Machine Gun Jeep III Double Bazooka Jeep Killer Bazooka Jeep

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Earth Tanks Tank Tank II Tank III Tank IV Tank V
Earth Tanks II Red Tank MegaTank Dominion Tank Demolition Tank -
Earth Aircrafts Aircraft Aircraft II Aircraft III - -
Earth Helicopters (I) Helicopter Helicopter II Helicopter III - -

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Earth Helicopters (II) Helicopter IV Helicopter V Red chopper - -
Special Units I Evil Hannibal Sergeant Megan

greg sumpatan


Mr. Cigar UN Allied
Special Units II Sergeant Jack Scarface girl Mr. Treat Ranbo Erradicator
Special Units III Medic Engineer Flamethrower Mortar Thrower Double Bazooka

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Special Units IV Stealth Fighter F-117 Red Baron GunBot -
Mechs & Bots I MegaBot Celestial Megamech Punisher Bot Supreme Bot Red Spinner
Mechs & Bots II GunBot Samurai Bot Roller Skater Nemesis Core Fire Karateka
Mechs & Bots III Black Belt Archer ATP Mech S.W.A.T. Soldier Brutus Mech Silver Hercules

Page 5

Drones I Alpha Drone Ultra-Mech Drone Nemesis Drone Rune Golem Drone Hyper Blazer Drone
Drones II Ether Messiah Drone Golden Slayer Drone Dual Blade Automech Drone Great Shogun Mech Drone Massive Cannon Drone
Dragons Red Dragon Blue Dragon Metal Dragon Camu Metal Dragon -
Draggies Metal Draggy Red Draggy Blue Draggy Camu Draggy Blue Steel Draggy

Page 6

Aliens & Spiders Venom Spider Big Spider Small Alien Claw Alien Alien Instigator
Nebular Civ I Nebular Spearman Nebular Archer Nebular Knight Greeatsword Warrior Nebular Rider
Nebular Civ II Nebular Dragon Rider Draggy Nebular Bicopter Nebular Assault Quad Nebular Priest Nebular Dragon Rider
Nebular Civ III Blazing Beast Rider Nebular Dragon Knight Nebular Maze Warrior Nebular Sniper -
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