Each unit has the following 6 basic attributes (each icon described in brackets):

  • Life (heart): Hit-points, can be increased by level advancement.
  • Attack (bullet): Power of each attack, can be increased by level advancement.
  • Range (target): How far away a unit can attack.
  • Population (person): How many population counts a unit takes up.
  • Attack delay (hourglass): Attack frequency, the lower the number the better.
  • Speed (knee): How fast a unit moves, the higher the better.

All units can advance in levels up to L10 by gaining XP. Each level gives additional Life and Attack to the unit. However, when a unit dies and is subsequently recovered through the Hospital, it loses all its XP and levels and must start over.

Some of the more powerful units have 1 to 4 additional special skills. These skills can be activated by clicking the buttons on the right side of the unit info screen.

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